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R290 Cibin Monoblocks

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The new ultra-low GWP refrigerants Cibin monoblock range

The new Cibin monoblock range uses natural refrigerants with very low GWP. With a GWP of only 3, R290 is the future solution for low and medium temperature small-scale commercial refrigeration.
Our tests have also shown a significant advantage in terms of TEWI, which depends both on the GWP and on all the design solutions adopted.

R455A Monoblocks range

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The new eco-friendly refrigerant range.

The new Cibin monoblock range use the latest generation ultra-low GWP refrigerants. With a GWP of only 146, R455A is the definitive solution for future low/medium temperature commercial and industrial refrigeration.
After multiple tests and studies based on the entire cold chain, it has been shown that the TEWI (Total equivalent warming impact) of machines operating with R455A is significantly lower thanks both to the refrigerant, COP and the ease of managing the machines, which are more user-friendly compared to old R404A machines.