ESKIMO is a range of refrigerating units designed to satisfy any requirement for chilling and to transform any insulated container into an efficient, functional industrial refrigerator.

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TN – R452A – 50 Hz

Code Model CV Power supply


Technical data
999908120 ESKIMO H 04 0.3 230/1+N/50
999908121 ESKIMO V 0418 0.3 230/1+N/50


TN – R404A – 50 Hz

Code Model CV Power supply


Technical data
999901750 ESKIMO H 04 0.3 230/1+N/50
999901952 ESKIMO V 0418 0.3 230/1+N/50

Technical characteristics:

  • Hermetic compressor
  • Anti-vibration compressor brackets
  • Air condensation
  • Galvanized powder coated sheet steel body
  • Evaporator body of aluminium-magnesium alloy
  • Evaporator of copper pipes and aluminium fins
  • Condenser of copper pipes and aluminium fins
  • Automatic restarting low pressure switch
  • Automatic restarting high pressure switch
  • Compressor timer management to avoid too near start-ups
  • Axial fan
  • Condenser fans protection
  • Thermic compressor protection
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalization *
  • Suction pressure relief valve (only for low temperature models)
  • Dehydrator filter
  • Suction-side liquid separator
  • Defrost hot gas solenoid valve
  • Automatic hot gas defrosting *
  • Automatic electric defrosting *
  • High and low pressure ¼” pipe plugs
  • Condensation outlet siphon
  • Condensation outlet resistor (only for low temperature models)
  • Cold room ceiling light
  • Ambient temperature probe
  • Defrosting end temperature probe
  • Condensation control temperature probe
  • Connecting cable for door resistor with protection fuse 4 A
    (only for low temperatures models)
  • Connecting cable for door micro switch to turn off the system and to turn on the light at door opening
  • Free relay for transfer alarm signals

Remote control with:

  • Transformer
  • Digital display with temperature indicator at one decimal
  • On/Off switch
  • Cold room light switch
  • Running state display: cold – defrosting – evaporator fans – alarm status
  • Programming keys
  • Alarm display
  • Manual defrosting key
  • High temperature alarm
  • Low temperature alarm
  • High temperature alarm dirtry condenser
  • Low temperature alarm condenser
  • Open door alarm
  • High pressure alarm
  • Low pressure alarm
  • Defrosting end alarm because of time-out
  • Alarm ambient temperature probe defect
  • Alarm defrosting end temperature probe defect
  • Alarm condensation control temperature probe defect
  • Timer emergency running in case of these events:
    – Ambient temperature probe defect
    – Defrosting end temperature probe defect
    – Condensation control temperature probe defect
    – Cold room door open (if there is door micro switch)
  • Installation possibility of a second remote control as slave
  • Pre-set connection for Frigotel® supervision


  • Door micro switch
  • Water condensation with liquid receiver, pressure control valve, pipe connection ½”
  • Different voltage
  • Tropicalised Version
  • Condenser fan speed regulator
  • Pre-heated switchboard
  • Voltage display for machine stop in case of incorrect power supply
  • Long distance option for the remote control at distances longer than 15 m
  • Acoustic siren with flashing to indicate the alarm state
  • Switchboard for the management of two machines in the same cold room
  • Another remote control to use as slave
  • Electronic module for the connection to Frigotel® supervision system
  • Evaporator with cataphoretically painting
  • Condenser with cataphoretically painting

* depending on model