LAIKA is a refrigerating system that can be fitted to cross over a cold room. Its monobloc structure makes it possible to create a ready-to-use system that is simple to install and use.

Installation example

The new machine R290 range

Ultra-low GWP refrigerants

The new Cibin monoblock range uses natural refrigerants with very low GWP. With a GWP of only 3, R290 is the future solution for low and medium temperature small-scale commercial refrigeration.
Our tests have also shown a significant advantage in terms of TEWI, which depends both on the GWP and on all the design solutions adopted


Charge limit lower than 150g

R290 is classified A3, meaning it is non-toxic but highly flammable. Depending on the application and available volume, it is possible to calculate a maximum refrigerant charge which makes the machine safe from any accidents related to fluid flammability. There are application limits for refrigerant charge of 150g as 150g is never sufficient to create a potentially dangerous atmosphere.
Cibin R290 monoblocks are all charged with 150g (or less) in the refrigeration circuit.

Technical characteristics:

Standard equipment

• Gas charge ≤ 150 g
• Sealed circuit
• Hermetic compressor
• Electronic fans
• Anti-vibration compressor brackets
• Air condensation
• Galvanized powder coated sheet steel body
• Evaporator body of aluminium-magnesium alloy
• Evaporator of copper pipes and aluminium fins
• Condenser of copper pipes and aluminium fins
• Automatic restarting low pressure switch (to be welded)
• Automatic restarting high pressure switch
• Compressor timer management to avoid too near start-ups
• Axial fan
• Condensation control device *
• Thermic compressor protection
• General magnete-thermal protection
• Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalization *
• Suction pressure relief valve (only for low temperature models)
• Dehydrator filter
• Suction-side liquid separator *
• Defrost hot gas solenoid valve
• Automatic hot gas defrosting
• Condensation outlet siphon
• Condensation outlet resistor (only for low temperature models)
• Cold room ceiling light and power source cable with related protection via fuse
• Ambient temperature probe
• Defrosting end temperature probe
• Condensation control temperature probe
• Connecting cable for door resistor with protection 4A fuse (only for low temperatures models) and related protection with fuses
• Connecting cable for door micro switch to turn off the system and to turn on the light at door opening
• Transformer
• Digital display with temperature indicator at one decimal
• On/Off switch
• Cold room light switch
• Running state display: cold – defrosting – evaporator fans – alarm status
• Programming keys
• Alarm display
• Manual defrosting key
• Acoustic alarm
• High temperature alarm
• Low temperature alarm
• High temperature alarm dirty condenser
• Low temperature alarm condenser
• Open door alarm
• High pressure alarm
• Defrosting end alarm because of time-out
• Alarm ambient temperature probe defect
• Alarm defrosting end temperature probe defect
• Alarm condensation control temperature probe defect
• Timer emergency running in case of these events:
– Ambient temperature probe defect
– Defrosting end temperature probe defect
– Condensation control temperature probe defect
– Cold room door open (if there is door micro switch)
• Pre-set connection for Frigotel® supervision


* depending on model

  • • Door micro switch
    • Voltage display for machine stop in case of incorrect power supply
    • Acoustic siren with flashing to indicate the alarm state
    • Electronic module for the connection to Frigotel® supervision system

* depending on model

Destined use
Destined use, intended and unintended uses
Cibin’s refrigerating equipment is classed as food and agricultural machinery (MACHINES DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC), destined for the treatment
of food products.
The machine is designed for the conservation of foods and/or “fresh” products at temperatures indicated in annexes.
It has been designed to work in ambient temperatures from +16°C to +43°C (class T).
It has been designed to maintain a set temperature in a refrigerated cold room suitable for such uses.
The machine is not designed for use in cold rooms situated outside.
The machine is not designed for installation and use in an environment where there is risk of explosion.
Any use other than that permitted shall be considered improper, and in this case the Manufacturer will decline all liability.
The machine is not designed for the conservation of products, which produce corrosive substances.


icona-scheda-passwordIn order to consult manual and data sheets, you should require the password


R290 – 50Hz – TN

Code Model Power supply


Capacity W*

Tc 0°C / Ta + 32°C

Data sheet Manual
999906560 LAIKA 05123N 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 759
999906561 LAIKA 08125 N 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 889
999906562 LAIKA 12125 N 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 1374
999906563 LAIKA 14125 N 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 1518

R290 – 50Hz – BT


Code Model Power supply


Capacity W*

Tc -20°C / Ta + 32°C

Data sheet Manual
999906575 LAIKA 05123 B 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 640
999906576 LAIKA 08125 B 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 801
999906577 LAIKA 11125 B 230/1/50 R290 230/1+N/50 1079

* Max ambient temperature: + 43°C

Ta: Ambient temperature
Tc: Cold room temperature