Application field: -20 / +10 °C

Technical characteristics:

  • The sheet steel casing is painted with epoxy-polyester powders
  • The galvanised steel and aluminium magnesium frame guarantees that the monobloc will be hard-wearing and durable.
  • The hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor is cooled by means of gas suction and is complete with fully integrated motor protection.
  • Gas expansion is ensured by a expansion valve or capillary pipe.
  • The evaporator is formed by copper pipes and aluminium fins and frame.
  • The condenser has copper pipes, aluminium fins and a galvanised sheet frame.
  • The condenser fan, suitable for outside use, is equipped with thermal protection and safety grid.
  • The fan is equipped with thermal protection and safety grid.
  • Defrosting operates automatically and manually by means of hot gas or air.
  • The electronic control panel is fully incorporated into the machine in a handy, functional position, allows the machine to be controlled automatically and is configurated with a temperature sound alarm.
  • Cold room light switch and lamp holder.
  • High pressure pressostat.
  • Low pressure pressostat.
  • Variable speed fans.
  • Condensation pressure switch or fans with variable speed
  • Liquid pilot light.
  • Internal angle brackets.
  • Schrader valve for high and low pressure.
  • Outlet pipe and protection for the connection of the water outlet pipe from the monobloc to the trailer ground.
  • Mobile plug box.

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TN-BT – R452A – 50 Hz

Code Model Power supply


Capacity W

Te -10°C / Tcond + 50°C

Capacity W

Te -30°C / Tcond + 50°C

Data sheet
999908210 ALASKA 240 BN 230/1+N/50 3000 1250
999908211 ALASKA 240 BNH 230/1+N/50 3000 1250
999908212 ALASKA 240 BNHS 230/1+N/50 3000 1250
999908214 ALASKA 330 BNH 230/1+N/50 3987 1381
999904981 ALASKA 330 BNHT 400/3+N/50 3987 1381
ALASKA 480 BNHT 400/3+N/50 6304 2303
999903982 ALASKA 650 BNHT 400/3+N/50 8357 2814

Te : Evaporation temperature

Tcond : Condensation temperature


Cataphoresis painting


Heating function in the case where the outdoor temperature is lower than the set temperature.
Except model Alaska 240 BN.